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Genevieve MCC is inspired by the creator’s passion for good quality Méthode Cap Classique.  Founder, Melissa Genevieve Nelsen, pursued her passion into the winemaking industry to develop the beautiful Blanc de Blanc MCC we know today.

Melissa’s parents spent much of their time in France indulging their extraordinary love for the radiance and energy of Paris. France’s exuberant ‘city of light’ inspired Melissa’s parents to give her the middle name ‘Genevieve’ for the patron saint of Paris.  Mother and Father both intended that Melissa would come to epitomise the same exuberance and uncompromising optimism they experienced in France.  Genevieve MCC draws from this family history and expands upon it, combining a serious, yet playful bubbly character in this exciting methode cap classique.

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  • Made from the organic grapes of two handpicked rows of Shiraz vines grown on the Swartland's deep red Malmesbury soils, this wine reveals itself in layers of subtlety and mystique. Can be stored, and when opened decant it an hour or more before pouring the first glass.

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