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Hope on Hopkins Distillery is a small artisanal distillery in the heart of Cape Town that prides itself on truly crafting its own spirits. Unlike many gin distillers they don’t buy in the base spirit to flavour, but prefer to make it themselves, so that you know where it (and their carefully sourced quality ingredients) comes from. Using South African grown malted barley, they cook, ferment over several days and then triple distil to make their base neutral spirit, a Single Malt Vodka – some of which is bottled for sale. They then go on to distil a fourth time, allowing the alcohol vapours to infuse through select botanicals.

They are the proud owners of the first stills to be licensed by the City of Cape Town: Mildred and Maude, as well as their little experimental still.

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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items